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Digital Artist

Luminium is a multimedia contemporary artist and is one of the pioneers to have seized the digital age to express and share its universe.
Since several years he has devoted himself to a unique artistic performance on Instagram through which he expresses all of his know-how.

Through visuals, photomontages, videos, music and poetry, he tells stories, in a vertical logic that rises without ever stopping.

The videos and images are totally immersed in the overall picture. Each story has its own musical theme and follows one after the other without you realizing it.
He ends up adapting his concept for prestigious brands and signs collaborations with clients such as YSL, JPG, CHAUMET, DIESEL etc...

Using visuals created for the occasion or taking up already existing assets, he recreates a new story while respecting the DNA of the brand and bringing it into a more artistic universe.

Besides managing the applications in order to create the collages of photos and films, he’s also a member of SACEM as an author & composer for music.

After having been in charge of the communication of the famous Club Sandwich events and having produced the audio and video montages of the shows of the mythical Manko Cabaret avenue Montaigne, he is at the origin of the show "Striptease-moi" of the Crazy Horse, of which he wrote and composed the song.

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